user manual

Navigate with key combinations

Jump menu: If you use a screen reader or deactivate CSS, you will get two links at the beginning of each page, which lead you to the navigation or the content. As an alternative, you can use key combinations, which lead you directly

  • to navigation (STRG + ALT + 'o')
  • to content (STRG + ALT + 'i'))
  • to a search within menu items, only for registered users (Tastenkombination + '3')
  • (STRG + ALT + 'l'), only for registered users

If you are logged into the system, you have additional possibilities to use key combinations and to adapt them personally. Your university could probably have changed these standard combinations. If you have questions, contact your university.

Here you can find all available functions grouped by topics. You can find the link for the sitemap at the bottom of the website. 


Important news for users e.g. error messages are shown in a separate window on the right side after a form was sent.
Success messages will disappear after a few seconds. You can use the button “Show again all hidden messages” to blend them in.
You can close the news windows using the escape-key.

Mandatory entries

Mandatory form items are marked with „*“.

Format of numbers and dates

You must often enter dates and numeric values many times. The system supports the following notations:

  • Entries for times can be written as hh, hh:mm or h:mm:ss.
  • A date can be written as, ddmmyy, ddmmyyyy. 

Regarding numeric entries e.g. marks, a dot as a separator will be automatically changed into a comma.

Screen reader

This application was tested using Jaws 15 and Internet Explorer 11.

Forms in screen reader

You can find different forms on this website which contain further explanations. Please read the forms using the reading mode otherwise you will miss important information using the form mode of the screen reader.

Choice boxes of screen reader

Choice boxes are offered which you can use with the keyboard.

  • ALT + ENTER: Open the choice list 
  • Navigate within the choice list using the arrows up and down.

Operating help for registered users

Define menu keys for bookmarks

You can click on Create a new bookmark and define up to 9 bookmarks for menu keys. Therefore you use the choice box Menu key. The hotkeys activate the menu keys. The Hotkeys usually consists of the keys [CTRL+ALT]. That is why you use the key combination [CTRL+ALT] for your book mark. The key combinations only work, when you are registered.
You can open the menu item Documentation and help using the menu key „0“.

User defined Hotkey

A Hotkey is used in the combination with a menu key to show bookmarks or to use a help function. You can indicate your own Hotkey. Please note that some keys are only available on certain systems (Mac: "option", "command", Windows/Linux: "alt", "meta"). The standard Hotkey contains the keys [CTRL+ALT]. You can change the function of the standard Hotkey using the user icon at the top right.

Adapt tables individually

  • Click on Adapt table on the upper margin of a table. A configuration dialog opens. Only larger tables have the function Adapt table.
  • Make the configuration using one or several choice boxes and click the button Save.
  • You have the following configuration possibilities:
  • Choose the column: Decide here which columns should be presented (check mark to activate entry) and which should disappear (check mark to deactivate entry).
  • Move columns of tables: You can activate here the buttons to move columns of tables; afterwards you can move the columns directly. After moving the columns, you deactivate the buttons. The position of your recently moved columns maintains.
  • Navigation of tables: You can decide here whether the search/item pagination should appear above or below the table.
  • Amount of lines of table: For a concrete table, you can click directly on the table on Line per page to adapt the standard display of lines. Click on the enter key afterwards. 300 lines of a table can be indicated on one page.

Time limited restriction of session

As a registered user, you will be logged out for security reasons after being inactive for a longer period of time. You can find a note at the top right which shows you how long your session is still valid. If you click on the note, you will get an information text. Certain user groups have the right to remove the time limited restriction.  If needed, contact your university.